Watch this video and more on Alchemiya

Watch this video and more on Alchemiya

Up Next in Season 1

  • Harun al-Rashid | 13

    Al-Abbasa quarrels with Ja'far over the incident with the maid, and he tries to clarify the misunderstanding. Harun Al-Rashid survives an assassination attempt.

  • Harun al-Rashid | 14

    Harun Al Rashid falls sick and is bedridden. He hides in Zubaida’s suite and asks her to keep the news form everyone. She seizes the opportunity and has her son Al Amine, sit on the throne much to the disdain of the Barmakkis.

  • Harun al-Rashid | 15

    When Harun Al-Rashid is bedridden, many believe that he is at death's door and it is decided that Al-Ma'mun shall be his successor, but Harun gets back on his feet.